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WELCOME TO CORNWALL - Land of the Legend, Exotic Flora, Stunning Scenery and BRIDGE !!!!


Truro is the Cathedral City of Cornwall enjoying an enviable location at the head of the 'Carrick Roads' one of Cornwall's most beautiful waterways.  The Truro Bridge Club meet on:-

Monday evenings @ 6.30pm which is our "No Fear" evening and,

Wednesday evening @ 6.30pm for Duplicate Bridge

Table Money 1.50p per Member and Visitors 2.00p per person

@ The Conservative Club, Lemon Street, TRURO

Founded in 1971 the Club has, over the years, established its position as one of the premier Clubs in the County and are currently very happy to number 126 on its Membership Directory at the time of going to print.  GO TO our Membership Counter for a running up to date tally.  The Truro Bridge Club aims to provide facilities for members to enjoy a good standard of duplicate bridge in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and to promote newcomers to the game.

With this last objective in mind, the "No Fear" Section of the Truro Bridge Club was launched in the Autumn of 1999.  This was the brain-child of our Vice-Chairman, Janice Keast, catering for her students, other newcomers to the game and improvers, where they can learn and practice duplicate bridge in a non-competitive environment.  When the "No Fear" members feel confident, they can then progress to the Main Club evening on Wednesday where they are made very welcome - some have already made the transition with ease.  The "No Fear" members currently stand at 43 and this unqualified success is due to the unstinting efforts of the Club Committee and the enthusiasm and support of the members.

The Truro Bridge Club is affliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU) through the Cornwall Contract Bridge Association (CCBA), of which the Club is a staunch supporter.  If you want to learn more click on CCBA and go straight to their website.   Alternatively if you want to surf the EBU web - then click here.

In 2001 another milestone was reached when the Club decided to update its Constitution.   In conjunction with the EBU a new document was produced which meets the requirements of a growing Club in the modern bridge world and hopefully will serve its members for many years to come.

Visitors are very welcome at the Truro Bridge Club.    Please contact June Fitness, our Club Secretary  to confirm a visit - contact details can be found by clicking on Committee.

2002 heralds the introduction of our website and the distinction of being the first Club in Cornwall to officially register on the 'Net'.   We do hope you enjoy our site and would be most interested to hear from you.

Change of Location - The Truro Bridge Club have enjoyed many years meeting at the Truro Farmer's Club, but sadly, with plans afoot to develop the site for residential accommodation the Bridge Club have had to acquire an alternative venue and on 1st February 2006 transfer to the Upper Sixth Centre at Truro School, Trennick Lane, Truro - meeting times remain the same.   We look forward to a long association with the School and many happy bridge evenings.   With the introduction of our usage of the School facilities, perhaps some of the students may develop an interest in the 'Game' and as a Club we will be happy to promote such interest.  Meanwhile, thanks to all those who participated in the arranging and planning of our move and its transfer, in particular to the main organisers - Harold Payne, Janice Keast and Cyril Harding.

As from 6th September 2006 we relocated to the Truro School Prep, who have made us very welcome and which seems a more ideal venue for the Club.     Hopefully this will be the end of our transitory period and see us settle down to concentrate on the 'Game' !

On the move again !  From 28th March 2007 the Club will be located in the upstairs rooms of the Conservative Club @ Lemon Street, Truro.    We have been made very welcome and look forward to a long stay in this new venue.  

Another introduction in 2007 has been the MONTHLY INDIVIDUAL. Following concensus at the June AGM the competition began that month and the winner will be the player with the best average with 8 different partners during 11 months of the running competition.  To see more click on the Monthly Individual page.     Also agreed at the same AGM was a modification of the Championship Pairs the Doug Apted Trophy.  This has traditionally taken place over  two evenings, but this year will play just the one evening with extended playing time to complete the 36+ boards required for the status of this Competition.   This change did not meet with the expected enthusiasm so in 2008 the Event reverted back to two consecutive evenings.

During 2008 and 2009 there has been considerable paperwork available to the membership regarding the EBU's new strategy concerning Pay to Play and other changes being implemented to enhance the English Bridge Union's future.    Following discussion it was voted at the 2009 AGM to sign the Terms of Affiliation for Truro Bridge Club.

The Chairman Harold Payne, who has been our longest running Chairman since 1998 decided to retire from this position and David L. Stone has taken over the reins.   Siva Sivathondan was voted in to take over the Vice-Chairman office.  A tribute to Harold's sterling work was made by David who presented Harold with a 12 yr Single Malt Whisky and a 'Thank You' card from the Committee and membership.       

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